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The Lost Secret of Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio is utilized to be a symbol of the proportion of text on a specific page. If you know the precise code to text ratio, then only there's need to earn changes to be able to improve that, otherwise it isn't of any use. Code to text ratio checker is utilised to figure the proportion of the text in an internet page. It is possible to find a greater code to text ratio that will then boost your chances to have a better rank in the various search engines. Simply comply with these ideas and it is easy to obtain high code to text ratio without making any significant changes in an internet page. The code to text ratio tool provided by Solid search engine optimisation Tools is among the greatest and highly effective search engine marketing tools because it assists the user to get the accurate visible text ratio in only few clicks.

The Fight Against Code to Text Ratio Checker

The tool can also provide you with an insight into the way the websites of your competition is performing. With the regular check up of the web pages, it helps in analyzing how to improve the loading time of the page. It's very simple tool to examine the rear link of your website and webpage.